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Photokina NiSi released three new filters
Author´╝Ü [] 2013/2/20 15:24:30
On September 18, 2012, the biennial digital equipment feast -- Germany Photokina2012 fair was officially opened. As the world's largest and professional digital equipment and technology fair, many domestic and foreign well-known manufacturers gathered here. NiSi exhibited a ND4-500 filter, a multilayer coating close-up lens and a ND2000 filter in this exhibition. These three products are published for the first time, using the latest technology and top material and are aimed at the professional photography users.

NISI ND4-500
NiSi ND4-500 has 3 patents. The lenses are using original light materials, double-sided 12-multilayer coating. It can effectively reduce the surface reflections. The frame is ultra-thin and is decorated with flower pattern, making it feels comfortable. The automatic closing adjustment technology makes it convenient to locate. The innovation design of fast regulating device makes it faster and more accurate to control. ND4-500 filter can be adjusted within the range of 4-500 gray scale, light adjustment range is 1-8. And it won’t cause chromatic aberration or “black cross” phenomenon.

NiSi MC close-up lens

NiSi close-up lens is designed by optical experts. It is made of high quality ED low refractive environmental glass, whose surface is precisely polished. Two pieces in a group reduce the dispersion effectively. Both sides of the lens are covered with multilayer broadband coating. The coating can reduce dispersion greatly. It also increases color rendition rate. What’s more, the surface of the lens is also waterproof and oil-proof.

The frame is made of aluminum material for airway. Its unique design of extinction screw thread and integrated non-pressure ring avoid the influence of light to the pressure ring. In the front of the frame uses grain extinction to effectively eliminate the stray light and reflected light. The rubber ring around the outer frame can prevent filter skid when loading or unloading, and increase the operating handle. Close-up lens is rounded with the high extinction paint to make it black. The paint can effectively eliminate the stray light edge so that it can achieve high quality stable optical performance and excellent images.

The ND2000 filter
NiSi mid-grey ultra-thin filter series’ frame uses the aviation aluminum and milling process. The frame has got a nice hand feeling. It’s beautiful and durable. The both sides of the lens are covered with antireflection coating, which is waterproof and anti-oil. Both sides are strictly polished to make sure the surface is smooth without color cast. Frame surface is dealt with ultra-thin matting processing, so it won’t fade after repeatedly rotating. Ultra-thin frame avoids the phenomenon of blocking angle with wide-angle, frame has thread so it can be installed at any time on the lens’s cover and other accessories. ND2000 is up to the standard of the EU restriction of hazardous substances environmental protection ROHS. It does not contain harmful substances.