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NiSi has opened the official weblog and is concerning about all the users
Author´╝Ü [] 2013/2/20 15:11:02

NiSi has opened a weblog, and you can focus us @ NiSi high quality filter to get some knowledge about filters. Imperceptibly you could be a photography master, after all, to judge a picture is good or not is not to see if you use a filter, and how you use the filter. NiSi would start with some optical knowledge, and then some photography tips. These are summed by well-known photographers.

Of course, if you want to consult about NiSi, including how to buy a filter, or to know something about the customer service and so on, you can have direct communication with our men via the official weblog. What’s more, if you want to learn tricks about filters, NiSi official weblog can give you enough support.

Screenshots of NiSi official weblog

Moreover, NiSi also provides various awards regularly, the prizes are NiSi’s top products, which are about 1000 RMB. From the beginning, our weblog launched a series of online marketing activities with the help of Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Day holiday. Who Nice Get NiSi # invited you to send blessings to your best friends, and NiSi would select a lucky man from the people involved and give him a professional filter as a reward. The whole activity lasted for four weeks, and four awards were sent out. NiSi hopes more people can be aware of the importance of filters, try to learn the usage of various filters.

Screenshots of NiSi official weblog campaigns
On the biennial German Photokina exhibition of 2012, which was held on September 18, 2012, NiSi released two new products that used the latest technology and top material -- ND4-500 filters and multilayer coatings close-up lens. As the world's largest and professional digital equipment and technology fair, many domestic and foreign well-known manufacturers gathered here. The prizes we prepared come from the exhibits on display.

NiSi MC close-up lens

NiSi ND 4-500