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Tests on NiSi ND 4-500 filter MORE>>
Once I get this NiSi MCUV lens I was attracted by a few lines of words on the package. Golden ringed, 18 layer multi coating, ultra-thin frame, and waterproof coating. Can this little lens really be ultra-thin and UV protected? MORE>>
NiSi is a brand of filters that is come from Japan. MORE>>
Installment effect and evaluation conclusionND filter is short for Neutral Density filter. It is also called neutral gray scale filter or neutral density filter. MORE>>
Today I would like to introduce a NiSi close-up lens. It can help us to a substantial increase in lens macro shooting capability. If you are interested in macro photography MORE>>
NiSi LR UV was developed in 2009, designed with golden circle. UV coating uses 18-layers technology. It has excellent waterproof and antifouling coating. MORE>>
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